EXID got emotional looking back at a past performance and showed just how far they’ve come on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol”!

On the May 15 broadcast, EXID relived their early days through a segment called “Back to the Debut” in which they watched a 2012 performance of their song “Every Night,” which was released before Hani’s famous fancam propelled them to stardom. Hani introduced the track as her favorite, and MC Jo Se Ho added that “Every Night” is widely considered as a hidden “legendary song.”

The members laughed and joked around while watching their old performance, commenting, “We were so much younger back then, but why do we look so old?” However, when MC Kwanghee asked how they felt after seeing the clip, Jeonghwa ended up getting emotional, saying, “It reminds me of that time.” Hani added, “That song and that time are very special to us. It’s a precious memory.”