Another week has gone by, and Ryan (Kim Jae Wook) and Duk Mi (Park Min Young) remain as being the most adorable couple ever. But with the series slowly winding down, there’s a lot of loose ends being tied and feelings being felt. Here’s a look at five emotion-filled moments from episodes 13 and 14.

Warning: Spoilers from episode 13 and 14 ahead.

1. Duk Mi not being able to stay away from Ryan

Duk Mi finds out about Lee Sol (Lee Il Hwa) being Ryan’s mother pretty quickly, and when she talks with Ryan, she discovers that he knows too. She tells him that she’s always there for him and on his side, but gives him a chance to have some space while he takes everything in.

Also, how about the part when Duk Mi finds Ryan at the gallery wallowing in his own pain? She’s there for him even when he doesn’t ask for it.


This is one of the reasons why this couple is so amazing. Duk Mi respects Ryan’s feelings and gives him the space he needs to process his big discovery. It’s a moment that shows maturity in the relationship and one that’s total couple goals. It’s true love, y’all.

2. Eun Gi and Duk Mi being friends again

After Eun Gi (Ahn Bo Hyun) reveals his feelings for Duk Mi, it’s difficult for them to be friends again. But when they both run into each other, they decide to have a few drinks together. Eun Gi tells Duk Mi that they can pretend to go back to what they were before he told her about his feelings.

Seeing these two sibling-like friends laugh and bicker with each other again felt so good. It was heartbreaking seeing Eun Gi look at Duk Mi so longingly, but it’s the best-case scenario for both of them!

3. Ryan telling his mom that he’s her long-lost son

In last week’s episodes, Cha Si An’s (ONE) mother makes an appearance and it’s later found that his mother is Lee Sol and that Ryan’s mother is also Lee Sol. It’s obviously an emotional discovery and it had us all pretty shocked.

This part was amazing because Ryan is finally able to have closure. He’s able to find out who his mother is and that his real brother is, in fact, Cha Si An. I loved how they didn’t drag this part of the story out nor reveal it so early on in the series. Everything seems to have led up to this point pretty naturally, and unlike other K-dramas that can get boring towards the end, this one has done a great job of keeping it interesting.

4. Finding out Ryan’s mom didn’t abandon him and seeing the final painting

Ryan finds out from his mom that she had gotten in a terrible accident and wasn’t able to look after Ryan because of it. There’s a sense of relief, but he’s obviously still upset considering what he knew about his past for his entire life was false. But when he sees the final painting in his mom’s collection, he’s able to really forgive and understand his mom.

Ryan discovers that the source of inspiration for all of his mom’s paintings was him. This is a beautiful scene because it’s the perfect puzzle piece into mending the relationship between Ryan and his mom.

5. “I love you.”

When it’s Duk Mi’s birthday and she wants Ryan to draw her, he’s nervous because he hasn’t been able to draw anything for years. But then he sees Duk Mi’s silhouette on the canvas, and he’s able to draw. After Ryan draws Duk Mi, he’s so overwhelmed with emotion that he can’t help but express his feelings for her. The two say “I love you” for the first time.


This whole scene is just so dang poetic and moving. From the drawing to Ryan taking the paintbrush out of her hair and the soft kisses – everything is perfect. As far as “I love you” scenes go in the K-drama world, this one is definitely up there as being one of the more epic ones.

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