tvN has revealed a highlight video for upcoming drama “Arthdal Chronicles”!

The drama takes place in the mythical city of Arthdal and tells the story of people who create legends and become heroes. Jang Dong Gun plays Ta Gon, an accomplished warrior and the son of a tribal leader, while Song Joong Ki stars as Eun Seom, the brave progeny of a human mother and a Neanderthal, who lives amongst the members of the Wahan tribe and fights to save them from external threats. Kim Ji Won takes the role of Tan Ya, a shaman and a descendant of the Wahan clan mother, and Kim Ok Bin is Tae Al Ha, the fierce and ambitious daughter of a tribal leader from a far-off land, whose tribe has mastered the use of bronze.

The new four-minute highlight reel shows a glimpse of the characters’ back stories as well as their ambitions and tribulations.

The video starts off with a voice saying, “That kind of shortage is what makes the world move forward.” The caption reads, “Everything on this earth started in this place ‘Arth.’” Another voice says, “Now that the war is over, the hunting will start.” Flames fly in the air, and there are people desperately trying to run away from them.

Furthermore, Jang Dong Gun is worshiped by his tribe as he gains power by overtaking tribe after tribe. Jang Dong Gun claims, “We, Arthdal, will spread out over the entire world.”

The scene changes to Song Joong Ki who is being shunned by the people for being different. The only one on his side is Kim Ji Won. Their love is forbidden, however, and she becomes crestfallen that she can’t even run away with him. Later on, the clan becomes attacked, and despite Kim Ji Won’s attempts to fight back, she is captured and taken along with the rest of the people.

Kim Ok Bin appears next with her determined declaration to have Arthdal under her feet. The four main characters become tangled up in a fight for power and freedom.

“Arthdal Chronicles” will premiere on June 1. Check out the highlight video below!