tvN took viewers to the set of the poster shoot for its upcoming drama “Search: WWW.”

“Search: WWW” is about the realistic love lives of three career women who work at Korea’s leading search engines.

Jeon Hye Jin began, “It’s the first poster that is being revealed to all of you before the drama airs,” and Lee Da Hee continued, “It expresses the personalities of the three female characters with color.” Im Soo Jung added, “It’s a fun poster shoot that shows the working day of three female characters who compete with one another and are also each other’s colleagues.”

“Bae Ta Mi is a female character who’s very professional when it comes to work and has a cold side to her,” said Im Soo Jung. “She values work more than love.”

Describing the charms of her character Cha Hyun, Lee Da Hee said, “She’s a character who tells her boss no if something isn’t right. She has a temper and has anger issues, but she also cries while watching morning dramas. She has a naive charm where she gets so sucked into a drama that she wonders if the actor is like their character in real life.”

“She’s a bit scary,” confessed Jeon Hye Jin about her character Song Ga Kyung. “She’s scary but also has passion and warmth, which will show later on. She seems to have a bit of a tsundere side. You know how there are bosses who are really scary and charismatic, but really amazing? I’m trying to portray my character in that way.”

On his character Park Mo Gun, actor Jang Ki Yong said, “I think his biggest charm is that he doesn’t hesitate when it comes to love.” Im Soo Jung added, “Park Mo Gun feels more like big brother in front of Bae Ta Mi.” The actress added that Jang Ki Yong has a big brother-like side to him in real life and takes good care of her. Jang Ki Yong echoed similar sentiments when describing his great chemistry with Im Soo Jung, as they have fun filming on set.

Since the drama is centered around a search engine company, the cast was asked what they search the most on portal sites. Im Soo Jung answered vegetarian cafes, restaurants, and recipes, as well as her name and, once the new series airs, “Search: WWW.” Lee Da Hee said that she looks up makeup, swatches, and drama viewership ratings. Jang Ki Yong replied with a laugh that he searches his own name every day, while Jeon Hye Jin said she looks up the cheapest, most useful products.

“Search: WWW” premieres on June 5 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out the making video below: