Q: Do you have the character you want to play?
Kim: If you play the main character, it has the advantage of receiving attention, but the role is limited. However, if you play a supporting role, there is advantage you can play various roles.

Q: Was there a break in the middle in your career?
Kim: I didn’t work the year before. I wanted to play a heavy role as the comical role was repeated. I wanted to play a role with sense of depth. I can do well but as I play a cheerful role every time, I thought I could be buried in the character. So I did a show called “Truth Lies”. Although live performances were physically and mentally difficult, they relieved my thirst for acting. Before starting the show, I was cast in Sky Castle. As I did both at the same time, I gained back disease and suffered nightmares due to stress.

Q: Recently, you challenged the variety with “Modern Family”.
Kim: There is no special reason. As I kept working on projects, I felt I was lacking socially. I wanted to meet people outside of my circle and watch how they live and listen to them. When I am a subject of observation camera, I have to open a lot of myself which is burdensome, so I took MC position. Entertainment was not a field of my expertise, so I didn’t feel confident.

Q: You are an actress with 29 years of experience. How did you start acting?
Kim: I was in the second year of college, and I noticed all the seniors took the exam. So I submitted the application like custom. At first I applied for MBC 19th Talent, but failed on 3rd test. Per the advice of my seniors, I took my picture again in a place where they took good pictures and applied for KBS 14th Talent(1991). As my alumni, there are Lee Byung-heon(Mr.Sunshine), Son Hyun-joo(Criminal Minds), and No Hyun-hee ssi.

Q: Do you meet your alumni often?
Kim: We will hold the meeting in June. I have a travel plan but I’ll try to fit this in. They had it a few years ago, and more than 20 people came. I met them when I was 20 years old, and now all became ajumma and ajussi. In the case of female alumni, there are many who are cut off from job world as they married early and had children. I don’t know what would’ve happened if I got married too.

Q: Is there any plan for marriage?
Kim: Frankly, I wonder if marriage is necessary at my age. I think I would feel uncomfortable to live with someone after having lived in single for so long and knowing the joy of living alone. I hear married people saying “Still there is happiness”, but I thought that it would be burdened seeing in an un-married person’s view. I don’t know how things will go, but the idea of marriage is not yet clear. Dating is still open though.


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