Q: Does Mi-ran have any resemblance to Park Se-young?
Park: There are many similarities and many others- we seem to be similar in that we are realistic. I thought being realist, the principle-ist, and idealist was similar because we have to live the reality given to us. Joo Mi-ran is a person who can go forward progressively, putting things into action, not stopping at speech and thought. It is also an image a person Park Se-young wants to have, and a figure of a mature person who has advanced further. The difference is that I am not married, and do not have children, etc. (laughs)

Q: How was the husband Jo Jin-gap from Joo Mi-ran’s point of view?
Park: When I looked at him, I could understand Joo Mi-ran. Jo Jin-gap is very cool, and has a humane charm, and a beautiful man who loves world and people, wanting the righteous world with idealism. There is a charm that cannot be missed, but when his wife sees it, he lacks flexibility. Because he is rigid, you get so frustrated (Laughs) So it seems that if Park Se-young is to meet a person like Jo Jin-gap, she would probably behave similar to Joo Mi-ran. However, I think that she inevitably loves him and be on the same side with him to the end.

Q: How was acting breath with Kim Dong-wook and other actors.
park: Sunbae-nim and I am very shy. We started out awkwardly, but as shooting continues, it naturally improved -we got close and became very comfortable. Not only me and sunbae-nim, but all the actors felt like college classmates, not just co-workers. The atmosphere of the filming set was friendly like a university club. There was so much fun on the set.

Q: Who led such atmosphere the most?
Park: Kim Dong-wook sunbae did. Kim Dong-wook sunbae appeared 98% in our drama. There was no scene he didn’t appear (laugh). Except him, I only saw actors at reading or dinner time, in which at the center Kim Dong-wook sunbae opened his heart first, and played big brother role well, so everybody became close. There is a time when actor becomes the character as he works on a project, and I felt sunbae was becoming real Jo Jin-gap. He took care of everyone. With him, there was such feeling like ‘Jo Jin-gap ssam/teacher’.

Q: How was Kim Dong-wook as an actor?
Park: I think that he helped me to concentrate so that I could devote to my role. Sunbae has unique comfortness you feel when you watch him on TV. Since he led, I didn’t get nervous when we acted together. He was like Jo Jin-gap- easy-going and generous.

Q: Is there a part you especially made efforts for the chemistry with Kim Dong-wook?
Park: I kept thinking what kind of relationship of the couple who married for 10 years would be like. I also thought of couples who have Long-distance relationship, couples who reunited, and couples who could always go back to the time they loved each other very much.

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