Red Velvet and their fans will be creating an epic performance on the next episode of tvN’s “300 X2”!

“300 X2” is a variety show in which singers team up with 300 of their fans to put on special sing-along performances.

In a new preview for Red Velvet’s upcoming appearance on the program, the idols demonstrate hilariously different tactics for waking up their fans. While pretending that a large stuffed bear is a member of their sing-along team, Yeri shakes the bear and says in a cute voice, “Wake up. Are you not going to wake up even when Red Velvet is waking you up?” Joy, on the other hand, is a bit more aggressive as she yells, “Why aren’t you waking up? Huh?”

The clip then shows MCs Boom and Super Junior’s Shindong having trouble getting in touch with Red Velvet’s fans. The girl group begins to look worried as the MCs say, “[Mission] failed.”

Red Velvet’s fans, however, do not disappoint. Fans from many countries, including Korea, Norway, China, and the United States, show off their skills as they enter for a chance to become part of Red Velvet’s team.

At the studio, the fans make Irene burst into laughter before they successfully put on a memorable performance of “Red Flavor” together with Red Velvet.

“300 X2” airs on Fridays at 7:40 p.m. KST. Check out the preview for Red Velvet’s episode below!