SBS’s “The Secret Life of My Secretary” has released a new making video showcasing the actors’ adorable off screen chemistry!

The making video starts off with Kim Young Kwang running around as he looks for Jin Ki Joo. When the two finally meet, Kim Young Kwang joking says, “So the conclusion… It’s you!” and Jin Ki Joo plays along, agreeing joyfully. Furthermore, while the two are rehearsing the hugging scene, Kim Young Kwang offers to thoughtfully stretch out his legs to match Jin Ki Joo’s height. The two continue to film the hugging scene multiple times until they get it just right.

Afterward, the making video shows the behind-the-scenes events that occurred while filming the scene where Kim Young Kwang helps Jin Ki Joo wash her hands. The two rehearse thoroughly, but Kim Young Kwang accidentally messes up the movements, causing him to apologize and make people on the set burst into laughter. The two try again, but Kim Young Kwang’s stomach growls, making him apologize once more. He explains, “It’s because I haven’t eaten.”

Although the two actors try to continue, Kim Young Kwang’s stomach doesn’t stop growling. However, the actor calmly says, “It’ll be okay, let’s try again,” bringing laughter to the set. He adds, “I also thought it would stop after the first time.” Nonetheless, the two eventually finish filming with bright energy.

After finishing the scene, Jin Ki Joo and Kim Young Kwang have a brief water bottle flipping competition during the break before Kim Young Kwang draws a small heart on Jin Ki Joo’s cast. Finally, the two head out together with their arms around each other’s shoulders as Kim Young Kwang hilariously says, “We’re really close,” in an awkward and forced tone. Jin Ki Joo adorably plays along by adding in some awkward laughter, and the two actors exit the set to finally grab food.

“The Secret Life of My Secretary” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the full making video below!