After Nam Tae Hyun’s alleged cheating exposed by his ex-girlfriend Jang Jae In, Nam Tae Hyun faced a lot of criticisms and he is losing his projects one by one. One of these is his departure from musical “Mefisto” The producers of Video star decided to edit out Nam Tae Hyun due to the discomfort of some viewers although he had finished filming with Infinite’s Nam Woo Hyun and VIXX’ Ken.

The Video star stated,  “Since it’s an appearance with the musical team, we’re planning to minimize the inconvenience by focusing on work-related talk.”

South Club’s Nam Tae Hyun posted a handwritten letter to his Instagram account as an apology to the fans and the girls that were involved to the issue

Read the message below: 

“Hello, this is Nam Tae Hyun.

I would like to apologize sincerely toward Jang Jae In and the other woman, who was hurt by this recent event. I would also like to bow my head in apology for hurting and disappointment my fans, who have loved me and supported me. 

As this damage was caused due to my carelessness, I will try to pay the consequences for my actions where I can. 

Jang Jae In and Nam Tae Hyun started dating way back April 2019 and their love story bloom while filming tvN’s studio vibes together. However, Jang Jae In shocked everyone after exposing his ex-boyfriend Nam Tae Hyun for cheating with another girl.

Along with a series of screenshots from the conversation of Nam Tae Hyun and the girl, Jang Jae In bravely adds a long message saying, “We were just getting to know each other, but you decided on your own to publicly reveal our relationship and put me and my agency in a difficult situation. If you’re going to live like this, you should just have kept it private. I wondered why you were so focused on publicly revealing our relationship, but now I realize it’s because you go around doing stuff like this.”

Jang Jae In added, To Nam Tae-Hyun, and in particular, to Nam Tae-Hyun’s fans, stop sending me malicious DMs and comments. The other women must have quietly let this go, but I refuse to see another woman fall victim. I don’t expect you to come to your senses, but you should at least have the bare minimum of a conscience. 

All her post was then deleted on her Instagram account. 

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