On the June 30 episode of KBS’s “The Return of Superman,” Kwanghee, in place of Park Joo Ho, took Gun Hoo and Na Eun to the Schilthorn in Switzerland, which has an elevation of 2970 m (about 9744 feet).

The Schilthorn peak can be accessed through a series of cable cars, also known as gondola lifts. In an interview, Kwanghee hyped up the place, saying it was taller than Korea’s Baekdu Mountain and that a scene from a James Bond movie had been filmed there.

Gun Hoo was very excited to get on the cable car, but Na Eun looked serious and said, “I’m scared.” She snuggled closer to her brother and repeated, “I’m scared, Gun Hoo.”

Gun Hoo then turned to her and patted her on the back several times as a comforting gesture, prompting Na Eun to give her brother a kiss and say, “I love you too.” The two siblings then held hands as the cable car began to move.

Na Eun soon got over her fear and pointed out the rocks on the mountain and the animals in the fields far below. The three of them ended up changing cable cars three times until they finally arrived above the snow line.

The siblings shared another cute moment when Kwanghee, noticing a smell, thought that Gun Hoo was the culprit. After a few moments of this, Na Eun confessed that it was her and apologized to Gun Hoo, who gave an annoyed sound in response.