Reading is like feeding your brain with information. You can gain knowledge just by reading a good book. Reading will help expand your vocabulary. When you read a language book, you will learn new words.  Reading will enhance your image. Fiction books and novels can take you on a journey far from reality. Below is the list of celebrities who likes reading a good book.

1. IU

IU’s spelling class was discovered by netizens due to her typo-free live comments. The story behind this was revealed by IU. She said that when she was a child,  her parents used to make her readers as a form of punishment for her wrongdoings. This made her fall in love with reading and pays attention more to grammar and spelling.

2. Astro’s Cha Eunwoo

Cha Eunwoo’s love affair with books was obvious ever since his pre-debut days. He is not only handsome but intelligent too! He was elected as the class president and joined many reading discussion competitions.

3. Yoo Jae Suk

Yoo Jae Suk said his hobbies are reading books and newspapers. Everyone was surprised during a quiz showdown when he showcased the knowledge he acquired through reading. 

4. Yoo Hae Jin

Yoo Hae Jin’s hobbies are consist of reading, listening to music, and climbing. People who knew him to say that he is an intelligent person and talks smartly. 

5. Kim Hye Soo

Did you know that Kim Hye Soo is a polyglot? Aside from the Korean language, she is fluent in 5 languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.  She has a habit of reading every book that captures her attention. According to Kim Hye Soo, when you have a favorite author, you want to read all his books, even if they are foreign writers.

6. Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun

Everybody knows Seohyun reads and meditates every day. She even tried influencing her co-members to read.

7. Yoon Shi Yoon

Yoon Shi Yoon shared that he reads up to 20 books every month and spends about 2,300 Korean Won for books, during his appearance on 1 Night and 2 Days. 

8. Moon Gayoung

During Moon Gayoung’s visit on Problematic Men, she showed off how she loves books. She mentioned that she has an exquisite taste in books. One of her favorites is Dante’s books.

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