KBS2’s newest Wednesday-Thursday drama “Justice” only has a week left before its premiere!

“Justice” is a social thriller drama based off of a popular webtoon of the same name. The drama is about making deals with the devil to reveal the hidden secrets of the VVIPs of Korea. It stars Choi Jin Hyuk as Lee Tae Kyung, who becomes a lawyer to seek revenge, and Son Hyun Joo as Song Woo Yong, who becomes evil itself for his family. Ahead of the premiere of “Justice” on July 17, here are three important points to look forward to!

1. Why and how Choi Jin Hyuk begins to make deals with the devil, Son Hyun Joo

Choi Jin Hyuk plays Lee Tae Kyung, whose younger brother died in a car accident while delivering packages. However, the Korean legal system gave the guilty a light punishment, and with no power or money, all Lee Tae Kyung could do was shout, “Save my brother. How is this the law?” With frustration and anger that the law was not on his side, Lee Tae Kyung meets Song Woo Yong (Son Hyun Joo), the president of a construction company, and makes a deal with the devil.

Lee Tae Kyung becomes Song Woo Yong’s lawyer and takes care of his richest clients. While Lee Tae Kyung’s desire to become a lawyer for his brother is evident, on the other hand, Song Woo Yong’s reasoning for helping Lee Tae Kyung has not yet been revealed.

2. The hidden truth that Choi Jin Hyuk didn’t even know

Song Woo Yong tells Lee Tae Kyung, “Do you regret it? Enjoy the gains of this deal as much as you can,” and as expected, Lee Tae Kyung lives a great life as a result. The two become a powerful duo, with many of Song Woo Yong’s clients telling him, “You must feel assured. How did you discover such a gem?”

However, a mysterious man appears and teases Lee Tae Kyung, saying, “Are you curious? To know how your younger brother died?” Before getting preoccupied with attaining money and power, Lee Tae Kyung’s main goal as a lawyer was to seek revenge for his brother. Will Lee Tae Kyung really be able to discover the truth behind his brother’s unfortunate death?

3. Nana’s persistent investigations and their influence

Nana plays Seo Yeon Ah, a prosecutor at the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office who stops at nothing once she’s begun an investigation. She is the one who shared, “A delivery man who was at the scene of murder died the next day in a car accident,” adding a crucial piece of evidence to the case of Lee Tae Kyung’s brother. As Lee Tae Kyung is her ex, viewers can look forward to seeing how the pair act in the professional world, and what kind of secrets she will be able to dig up.

In the teaser, Seo Yeon Ah is seen observing the two men as Song Woo Yong comments, “Does it make a difference? Does it change the decision we made then?” and Lee Tae Kyung exclaims, “Who killed my younger brother?” Her careful observations and investigative abilities present a seemingly pivotal influence on the relationship between Lee Tae Kyung and Song Woo Yong.

Following the conclusion of “Angel’s Last Mission: Love,” “Justice” will premiere on July 17 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

Watch the full preview of episode one below!