OCN’s “Hell is Other People” (tentative title) has revealed its first bone-chilling teaser featuring Im Siwan!

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, “Hell is Other People” is a thriller about a young man who lives in an unfamiliar dormitory in Seoul and the strange hellish events that occur because of the other residents in the building. Im Siwan will be playing aspiring actor and writer Yoon Jong Woo and Lee Dong Wook will be playing the dentist Seo Moon Jo.

The teaser begins with Yoon Jong Woo opening the doors to the “Eden Dormitory.” Past the doors is a long and narrow hallway that looks empty and dilapidated. Despite it being daytime, the dormitory appears bleak and eerie with its low lighting.

In the background, narration begins with the description, “This place was hell. A terrible hell created by others,” as Yoon Jong Woo slowly walks down the hallway. Suddenly, a brief blackout occurs, and the faces of Hong Nam Bok (Lee Joong Ok), Byun Deuk Jong (Park Jong Hwan), Uhm Bok Soon (Lee Jung Eun) flash by with their eerie smiles, ending with Yoo Ki Hyuk’s (Lee Hyun Wook‘s) cold and unfeeling gaze.

Yoon Jong Woo then opens his eyes as if he’s waking up from a daze. The hallway is empty and quiet once again, but a strange tension builds as he peers into room 303. A mysterious and chilling laugh can be heard from the background.

The production team for “Hell is Other People” shared, “The first teaser released today shows Jong Woo opening the doors to the strange dormitory after coming up to Seoul. Through [the teaser of] Jong Woo walking down the ordinary looking yet strange ‘Eden Dormitory’ amidst the invisible gazes of the strangers, we created a frightening hell with an unrevealed reason.” They added, “Please look forward to and show lots of interest for the dramatic cinema ‘Hell is Other People,’ which has been confirmed to premiere on August 31.”

“Hell is Other People” premieres on August 31 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Watch the full teaser below!