ITZY, JYP Entertainment’s newest girl group, has had their first-ever comeback with their highly-anticipated “ICY” music video. The girls have been stunning fans with their trendsetting fashion and beauty ever since their debut, and the “ICY” MV is certainly no exception. The catchy tune and energetic choreography was an instant hit and landed them the No. 1 trending spot on YouTube, racking up more than 10 million views just 19 hours after it was released. From bold hairstyles to incredible accessories, here are eight of the best looks from ITZY’s comeback music video.

Ryujin’s jacket

Ryujin is completely unmissable in this boldly patterned jacket, and the colors compliment her gorgeous cherry-blossom hair perfectly. The contrasting prints on her jacket give the whole outfit a really cool vibe, and the gold buttons just add to the whole young-and-rich aesthetic. It also makes her stand out a lot compared to the stuffy white button-ups worn by the people next to her, which matches the carefree and confident mood of the upbeat pop tune.

Chaeryeong’s headband

Chaeryeong is giving us some serious retro vibes in this stunning streetwear ensemble, and the vibrant red headband she’s wearing serves as a dual-purpose accessory. The eye-catching color highlights her glossy lip color, and keeps her gorgeous chestnut-colored hair out of her face as she shows off her sharp moves and oversize hoop earrings. Looks like the “Gossip Girl” headband is officially back in style!

Yuna’s nail color

Everything about Yuna’s look screams summer, from her cute denim overalls to her iconic heart-shaped sunglasses. However, the thing that really cements this look as a summertime staple is her cerulean blue nail color! Perfect for a sunny park picnic or a day lounging by the pool, this is one ITZY look that’s easy to recreate and sure to look good on pretty much everyone. Shoutout to Yuna for blessing us with all the summer fashion inspo!

Yeji’s neon overcoat

ITZY’s leader Yeji always looks fabulous, but she brings her look to the next level with this collared jacket in a bright neon yellow. The sheer fabric catches the light perfectly and makes sure that the Fendi top she layered underneath is still visible, while the flowy crinkle-cut only adds to her power walk. Neon is the K-pop trend of the summer, and Yeji totally nails it. How can anyone manage to look so fierce and so elegant at the same time?!

Lia’s earrings

This MV is chock full of bold earring choices, but Lia’s pair of mismatched silver chains are a particularly standout accessory. Paired with her sleek high ponytail and relatively laid-back makeup look, the earrings take center stage and really draw attention to her delicate jawline. There’s something so cool about combining a sophisticated dress with some edgy accessories, and Lia makes the perfect case for it with her flawless style.

Ryujin’s hair glitter

While her cheerful pink hair color is a whole look in and of itself, Ryujin brings it to the next level by adding some chunky silver glitter. The effect is a sparkly bubblegum daydream, and Ryujin pulls it off in a way that’s stylish rather than childish. If you’re willing to commit to washing it out later, hair glitter definitely makes a statement and is amazing for special events like music festivals or nighttime parties.

Chaeryeong’s pink waves

Chaeryeong’s effortless waves are the epitome of cool-girl style, and the addition of the subtle pink streaks is the icing on the cake. The color is bright enough to stand out against her warm brown strands, but not so intense that it distracts from her gorgeous features. This is also a great way for brunettes to try out a new color without committing to a whole head of bleach. Every hair flip is completely mesmerizing, partly in thanks to Chaeryeong’s enviable locks!

Lia’s red dress

Lia slays this spaghetti-strap dress, bringing in all the elegance with the tulle skirt while keeping the look fresh with her tennis shoes and sassy ponytail. The top of the dress compliments her figure beautifully and shows off her toned arms, while the mermaid cut makes the look ultra-chic. The dress also flows beautifully whenever she moves, like a celebrity at a red-carpet movie premier. Lia certainly didn’t hold back with the star power in this look!

Watch the “ICY” MV here!