Kim Min Kyu talked about MBC’s variety program “Love Me Actually” in a recent interview!

With the conclusion of KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Perfume” and his appearance on “Love Me Actually,” Kim Min Kyu shared that he has been getting recognized more often on the streets by people of all ages. “Love Me Actually” is a romance variety show that features single men and women going on trips together in an attempt to find love. In particular, Kim Min Kyu and Chae Ji An gained much attention from the viewers for their lovely chemistry.

Kim Min Kyu shared, “I [filmed for] ‘Love Me Actually’ very honestly. How I appeared on the program is how I actually am. I had a really fun time while filming. Perhaps because I showed my honesty and sincerity, [the viewers] loved it a lot.”

On whether there is a possibility that he and Chae Ji An would date in real life, he replied, “Who knows? It’s hard to say.” He continued, “I am thankful that many people cheered us on. Since both Chae Ji An and I are busy, we only contact each other to check how the other has been. I don’t know any phone numbers of the [other] female cast members on ‘Love Me Actually.’ Chae Ji An’s is the only number I know.”

Kim Min Kyu also added that he is close with the male cast members including Heo Kyung HwanYang Se Chan, and Joo Woo Jae. He revealed, “They treated me very comfortably. I think I could have fun on any program if I do it with them.”

Regarding his ideal type, Kim Min Kyu commented, “I like someone who I can learn a lot from and someone who has deep thoughts and clear values. My ideal type is someone I can respect.”

Kim Min Kyu recently played the role of the world-famous celebrity Yoon Min Seok who was in love with Min Ye Rin (Go Won Hee) on “Perfume.” Along with Seo Yi Do (Shin Sung Rok), the three created an interesting love triangle that captivated the audience.

If you haven’t already, catch the conclusion of “Perfume”:

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Also watch the latest episode of “Love Me Actually” below!

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