Being a boy group of 21 (with the potential for many more), NCT represents a colorful range of nationalities. With members from Canada, Japan, Macau, and more, NCT boasts an impressive range of native languages; and they don’t just stop there. Many members are multilingual or have several dialects under their belts, skill sets ranging from Thai to German. Their language abilities are almost as diverse as their fanbase — and here’s the proof!

1. NCT 127’s first V Live

In NCT 127’s very first V Live, leader Taeyong has the foreign members Mark, Yuta, and WinWin introduce the group in their native languages (English, Japanese, and Chinese, respectively) for the international fans. With the addition of Johnny, Doyoung, and Jungwoo to the unit later, that brings the total number of spoken languages for this sub-unit to five! You can also see some of WinWin’s Korean struggles in this video, and it’s admirable to see how much his skills have improved since his early post-debut days. It shows how much his hard work has really paid off!

2. NCT 127 says “I love you” in four different languages