AB6IX made their premiere appearance in Southeast Asia at Singapore’s The Star Theatre with their fan meeting, “1st ABNEW.” Prior to the fan meeting, the boys appeared in a public media conference, where they discussed future plans for AB6IX’s group concept, shared fun facts about themselves, and more.

Lee Dae Hwi provided hints that their next concept would be something cute or hip hop related since they like to try new things. As the rap master, Park Woo Jin was asked if he would like to try other aspects of performance such as vocals, but he replied that he would prefer to stick to doing what he’s best at for now. As to what their charms and talent as a group were, AB6IX agreed that it was their lovable smiles.

During a segment titled “Too Much Information,” the boys had to share intimate facts about themselves. For Kim Dong Hyun, it was that he had chocolate after waking up earlier in the morning, and Lim Young Min mentioned that he has recently been in a sleep-eat-repeat cycle.

The boys were then asked to provide their first impressions of the person they were seated next to. Lim Young Min felt that Jeon Woong was very approachable because of his big, bright smile, while Jeon Woong noted that Lee Dae Hwi was a born celebrity.

On the other hand, Lee Dae Hwi mentioned that Park Woo Jin was really quiet at the start but eventually became the most playful and noisy, like an energy drink for the group. Park Woo Jin felt that Kim Dong Hyun was a quiet person, while Lim Young Min seemed like a tall, cute, and approachable person to Kim Dong Hyun.

Quiz: Pick the member that fits the description the best

During this segment, the boys of AB6IX had to pick the member that they felt was the most suitable answer to the question. Here are their choices:

Most good-looking member: Park Woo Jin

Hardest member to get close to at first: Kim Dong Hyun

Easiest member to get close to at first: Jeon Woong

In charge of aegyo in the groupJeon Woong

Who finds it the hardest to wake up in the morning: Lim Young Min

Who looks at the mirror the most: Lim Young Min

Most playful of the group: Park Woo Jin

Most mature: Jeon Woong

In charge of sexiness in the group: Park Woo Jin

When the MC questioned why Lee Dae Hwi wasn’t the choice for being the sexiest, Lee Dae Hwi responded by saying that since he is only 19, he has to wait one more year to become sexy.

Wrapping up the media conference, the members also took turns sharing how they each relieve stress. For Park Woo Jin, it’s blasting music in the car, while Lim Young Min prefers watching films and dramas. Jeon Woong tends to order in a lot of food to eat.

The travel-themed fan meeting finally commenced with AB6IX’s hit songs “Absolute” and “Breathe.” The program featured videos of the boys, such as Park Woo Jin demonstrating how he writes rap lyrics in his studio, as well as multiple Q&A segments.

What is the travel style of each member?

Park Woo Jin: Being active, enjoying activities like swimming in the pool.

Kim Dong Hyun: Plans his trip according to famous restaurants that he would like to explore.

Lim Young Min: Loves taking photos while travelling, especially Instagram-worthy ones.

Who is the shopping king versus the worst shopper?

All: Lee Dae Hwi, who admitted that he likes clothes and shopping around town, is the shopping king.

Lee Dae Hwi: Park Woo Jin is the worst shopper, since he only likes to buy toy figures.

What do you shop for the most?

Kim Dong Hyun: Clothes or shoes.

Lim Young Min: Into interior design lately, so mostly decorative items.

Park Woo Jin: Doesn’t recall a time when he has shopped, but mostly simple things like toy figures.

What is the smallest item that you’ve bought recently?

Lim Young Min: Lotion.

Kim Dong Hyun: Perfume.

Jeon Woong: Slippers, since he loves wearing them.

Park Woo Jin: An egg from the convenience store.

Kim Dong Hyun: Hair treatment recommended by Lee Dae Hwi.

What are your “healing” moments?

Lim Young Min: Watching films to regain his calmness.

Jeon Woong: Sleeping.

Lee Dae Hwi: Calling his friends to chat. The last person he called was his mom.

Park Woo Jin: Recently sprained his ankle and spent a lot of time along to recover, so being with his members is his “healing” moment.

Kim Dong Hyun: Lying in bed after practice, watching films and dramas, or playing games.

What is the most important thing to look out for when taking a picture?

Lim Young Min: The horizon, so that the subject will look great in terms of proportion. For instance, he would be able to make Jeon Woong look taller than 180 centimeters.

Jeon Woong: Doesn’t really take photos of the scenery, but loves taking selfies.

Park Woo Jin: The vibe is very important to him, so he has to be in the right mood in order to take nice photographs.

When asked who the best chef of the group was, Lee Dae Hwi and Lim Young Min prevented Jeon Woong from raising his hand because he had recently made them chicken soup that tasted bad. On the other hand, Park Woo Jin cooks the best in the group, and he once made them delicious fried rice with a ginger dish.

The fan meeting concluded with a performance of “Shining Stars.” Park Woo Jin had previously shared in the fan meeting video that the song represents the longing emotions AB6IX and ABNEW have for each other.

Special thanks to HallyuPopFest for inviting us down to the event.

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