The hashtag #頑張ってiKON (GoodLuckiKON) topped the Twitter trends list in various regions, such as in Germany, India, Canada, Indonesia, USA, and many more.

Fans took to the social platform to express their heartbreak, whilst using the hashtag and quote-tweeting updates of the show. There was also an abundance of hate targeted towards iKON’s agency, claiming that this whole fiasco – from this concert series to the scandals hounding YG Entertainment – is a “mental abuse” to the group. Nevertheless, tons of fans commended the six men for doing their best to be strong amidst the tribulations they are presently going through.

It was a hard pill to swallow when B.I.’s parts in the songs were axed, making thousands of the concert’s attendees shed tears. And as an attempt to fill the void, Bobby rapped their former leader’s rap lines, then joined by the other members Chanwoo, Junhoe, Yunheyong, and Donghyuk in some parts.

During their final ment, Jinhwan could not hold back his tears anymore. He told the iKONics, “Sorry for worrying you all, thank you for supporting us,” before bursting into tears. And at that moment, the whole arena was filled with the crowd’s resounding weeps. 

However, the group couldn’t express what they felt all out due to the strict line-up and script. Bobby even half-revealed this during a ment.

“I want to express my feelings but… (returned to the Japanese script) because I had to continue to speak according to the script,” the group’s rapper said.

It seems they were not allowed to go against the script provided and not mention their former member. Bobby was also said to be on the brink of tears and throughout the show, his expressions were angry and that he was presumably rapping exasperatedly.

According to many of the concert-goers, the rapper continued to read the script and was not his usual self when he told the iKONics, “Thank you all for coming to see us. We will be the cool iKON that you’ll be proud of. Please take good care of us.”

Further, another attendee said, “Bobby was too angry in the concert, his voice was unusual. Also, [at] the end of the concert, he left fast while in the past, he used to stay with iKONICs”.

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