1. Queen In Hyun’s Man (2012)

In the year 1694, a scholar who is the sole survivor when his family was massacred, supports the reinstatement of Queen In-Hyun. The Queen who was deposed due to a jealous royal concubine’s schemes. In 2012 an actress who is playing the role of Queen In-Hyun falls in love with the scholar who time travels due to a mysterious talisman.

2. Faith

Lee Min Ho plays the role of a warrior in the year the 1300s, who travels to the 21st century. He is looking for a doctor who is capable of healing the queen. Then, he met a gifted plastic surgeon and kidnaps her to the past to save the queen.

3. Rooftop Prince

Crown Prince Lee Gak and his friends investigate the sudden death of the Crown Princess of Joseon. They ended up falling onto Park Ha’s rooftop house in the 21st century, 300 years into the future.

4. Marry Him If You Dare

A woman travels back to her 32-year-old self to keep her from making the same mistakes and ending up with a miserable life. She warned her not to marry the wrong person who is the news anchor of a TV network.

5. Splash Splash Love

A high school student named Jang Dan-Bi wanted to escape from reality and run away from her problems. She was magically transported back to the 15th century. She was mistaken as a Eunuch and develops a quirky relationship with King Sejong the Great. 

6. Moon lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

A girl from the 21st century gets transported back to the year 941 because of a solar eclipse. She met the royal princes of the Dynasty and falls in love with the eighth prince. This is not an ordinary love story.

7. Somehow 18

A successful pediatrics doctor named Oh Kyung Hwi had a painful past. He was bullied a lot and saved by a transferee named Han Na Bi but she took her own life because of her own problems. After many years, a mysterious incident gave Oh Kyung Hwi a chance to change how their love story ended.

8. Go Back Couple

A couple decided to end their 18 years of marriage. They realized how their love for each other turned into hate. They regret meeting and marrying each other. Suddenly, they woke up in their 20-year-old self. They started as students again until they meet in school for the first time. Will they choose to live a new life and forget everything? You will learn many lfe lessons from this story. 

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