Shinhwa’s Jun Jin opened up about having panic disorder and shared his method for overcoming it on MBC’s “Radio Star.”

On the July 31 broadcast of the show, Jun Jin surprised the hosts and guests by saying that he had been afflicted by a panic disorder starting in his late twenties.

He spoke candidly about how it was severe enough to require medication, but due to the side effects, he often turned to alcohol to help him cope.

He further talked about his fear of being alone, saying that his friends practically lived with him. He added that he is unable to get into a car driven by someone else to this day and is extremely uneasy about flying in airplanes.

However, Jun Jin stated that it has been 10 years since he has had to take medicine, and he has found other ways to overcome his disorder. He said that thinking as optimistically as he could helped ease his mind. “If I imagine people who have raised a happy family, it makes me think I will also get married soon and have a child, and that helps improve my mental state,” he said.

MC Kim Gura, who is known to also have panic disorder, then reached over to shake Jun Jin’s hand, saying, “So it was hard for you, huh?” and creating a warm conclusion to the personal story.

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