Choi Jinri, also known as Choi Sulli played the role of Jung Ji Eun, a 25 year old heiress of the late CEO of the hotel Ku chan Seong( yeo jin goo) worked for before he transferred to Hotel Del Luna. Ji Eun’s grandfather requested to Jang Man Wol (IU) to make Chan Seong as his grandson-in-law through the special service dream call. Sulli’s character’s role ends by bringing Chan Seong to their library and unfolds an important part of his unresolved past.

A lot of netizens and fans  especially Meus, f(x)’s fandom name have various  reactions and were excited for this cameo as it was Sulli’s first appearance on the small screen after her Drama “For You in Full Blossoms” (or “to the beautiful you” international title) after seven years. During this drama, IU showed her support for Sulli way back 2012 by  dedicating a song for her entitled “Peach” and was used for one of her drama scene with SHINee”s Choi Minho. It was also her comeback in acting after her movie with kim soo hyun ” Real” on 2016 before completely being hiatus and leaving Korea to focus on her personal life.

Sulli was currently hosting JTBC”S ” A Night of Hate Comments” which made her a very good host and a suitable job for her as she also experienced a lot of criticism when she was still an f(x) member up to now. She left f(x) on the year 2015 due to harsh comments and mental health issues  and after four years of hiatus, she came back and debut as a solo artist with her first single “Goblin” this year 2019 which openly talks about depression, leading to DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder or having multiple personality which she calls, her goblins.

She also talks about this song how we should embrace our different personalties as this is our real identity. The song gave off a creepy vibe but has a very deep message and lyrics. 

Her friend IU who was also an actress and solo actress cheered and  showed support by sending her a video message to one or her special stage, 

How did you like IU and Sulli’s friendship?

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