The concert would not be possible with the JYP Entertainment who did assist the five concerts across the three cities in Japan.  Osaka, Tokyo, and Nagoya felt amused by the Twice’s live performance on stage. It was said to be that the Korean girl group made a gross total of US$19.5 million and an average of US$3.9 million per concert. 

As of the recent update from the tour data aggregator, Twice made the top tier among the girl groups performed in 2019. They have made to join the Spice Girls to have a grossed over US$3 million and sold average tickets more than 40,000. That was a huge fulfillment and achievement for Twice. Prior to the concert tour in Japan, the tickets were made to be sold out easily.

The Korean girl group performed at Tokyo Dome for their two concerts over the weekend. Their concerts favorable outcome was remarkable because that was the time were they have debuted in the same place 21 months ago. 

 A Japanese member of the girl group named Momo, became emotional during the concert because she knows how important the concert tour was at the Tokyo Dome. She was very thankful for their fans and the staff members for their dream come true concert tour that made it even possible, once again, after their debut in Japan. Some of the Japanese outlets put something on top of the Korean girl group’s performance along with the Japanese MBS program “Jounetsu Tairiku” that aired the event from the band’s rehearsal until its final performance on stage.

Every time the Korean girl group performs onstage at Tokyo Dome, they always reminisce the day where they all started and unite as one along with their journey. The girl group consists of five Koreans, three Japanese and one Taiwanese debuted 4 years ago in October 2015. They released their new single “One More Time” the following year and this was also their first maxi-single in Japanese. 

Their next tour will be this coming August 17, 2019, Saturday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Just like their other previous concerts, the ticket sales were made easy to be sold out from ticket markets and fans are all excited.

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