The Impact of K Pop Wave towards Students’ Lifestyles

K-Pop is popular among the Korean, as well as non-Korean populations. The global number of Korean Wave fans has surged from 30 million in 2015 to 90 million in 2019. By 2020, the Korean Wave will rise to 100 million fans.

The sharp increase in the Korean Wave has had an impact on students’ lifestyles. The Korean Wave has affected students’ way of living, as well as their attitudes. Students try to copy the fashion trends and mimic the way K-Pop stars carry themselves.

Korean dramas also have a stronghold on many students. As such, they spend hours watching these dramas and often neglect their studies. That is why many students say “write an essay for me” to essay writing services.

The Korean Wave has drawn interest from students globally. Read on to discover K-Pop effects on students’ lifestyles.

Students Copy the Style of Korean Pop Stars

Students strive to become like their favorite K-Pop idols in every way possible. For starters, K-Pop stars perform entertaining and faultless routines. They dedicate several hours each week to attend choreography classes. That is why they perform jaw-dropping and seamless routines.

Students copy the choreography performed by their favorite stars. They try to nail down every move they see the stars performing. They dedicate their time to mastering dance routines and performing those routines themselves.

Students do not stop at copying the dance routines of K-pop stars. They also copy the fashion trends. Students copy K-Pop fashion trends, including:

  • Oversized T-Shirts
  • Oversized Sweatshirts
  • Windbreakers
  • American Sports Team Jerseys
  • One pant leg rolled halfway up
  • One strap hanging on overalls

Students also copy the accessories Korean stars wear including:

  • Headphones are worn either on the head or around the neck
  • Ski goggles are worn on the head
  • Oversized chains are worn around the neck

Experts from perfectessay.comassert that students try to be like their idols in all aspects. They even go as far as eating their idols’ favorite cereal or ordering their favorite meal.

Students Adopt Habits and Demeanors of K-Pop Stars

Female K-Pop idols are famous for having certain physical traits. These include:

  • Huge doll-like eyes
  • A delicate nose with an elevated bridge
  • Smooth and pale skin
  • Plump rose lips
  • A V-line face

This look is not natural. Despite this fact, students try everything possible to get as close as they can to this look. The obsession with adopting these unrealistic characteristics has given rise to:

  • Skin-lightening products
  • Lip plumping lip balms
  • Circle contact lenses
  • Plastic surgeries

Students will stop at nothing to adopt the habits and demeanors of K-Pop idols. The efforts students put into achieving these characteristics take away from their study time. That is why many students avail essay writing service.

Create Fan Clubs and Communities to Popularize Korean Trends

According to SBS, most K-Pop groups have fan clubs. Each fan club has a unique name by which they refer to themselves. According to SBS, the most popular fan clubs are:


Fans gave the fan club the name “ARMY” to show that they will always stand with and support BTS.

2. TWICE: Once

Fans assert that if they love the group once, the group will repay them with twice the affection


BIGBANG fans regard themselves as important. That is why they gave themselves the V.I.P title.


This fan club name is a shortened version of the words “black” and “Pink.”

5. Red Velvet: Reveluv

Reveluv means that fans love the Red Velvet girls.

The success of K-Pop is undeniable. The K-Pop fan base has a significant part in this success. The fans have created clubs and communities in support of K-Pop stars. These clubs also popularize K-Pop music, movies, and schools Korean drama.

Students Strive to Become Like their Idols

Students will stop at nothing to become like their idols. This can be dangerous!

For many K-Pop groups, most dedicated fans look up to the group members as role models. They follow the advice the group members give and take it as the whole truth. Many messages, both negative and positive, pass through the K-Pop community. Students follow their advice because they want to become like Jin or Suga.

Students also strive to achieve the image their idols portray. Plastic surgery is popular within the K-Pop industry. Further, being slim and pale is part of the Korean Wave beauty standards. Students may want to look like their idols. They can jeopardize their health to look like these stars by:

  • Having plastic surgery,
  • Enhancing certain features on their face,
  • Lightening their skin, and
  • Going on strict diets to become slim

Students love their idols. This can distort their thinking and their behavior.

Adapt K-Pop Culture in their Work

So far, I have mentioned only the negative impacts of K-Pop. But, there is a positive side. Students adapt K-Pop culture in their work. The K-Pop culture teaches students about hard work and working towards their dreams.

Music can affect one’s emotions. I had a listen to “Breakthrough” by “TWICE,” and I found it to be encouraging. The lyrics talk about overcoming obstacles and pushing through. I can imagine a student who is going through a difficult time with their academics and happens to listen to this song. This song can uplift their spirits and encourage them to push through.

K-Pop artists work hard. Artists must record music, learn different choreographies, go on tours, and conduct live performances. All these are demanding tasks that involve hard work. Students are introduced to the value of hard work. They can apply these lessons to their studies and achieve better grades.

Students in modern society love K-Pop music and Korean dramas high school. The Korean Wave has both negative and positive impacts. But, the negatives seem to outweigh the positives. The Korean Wave has no signs of fading away any time soon. In fact, it will only go higher as the year’s progress. As a student, enjoy the music and drams but choose the positives of K-Pop culture.

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