Kim Byung Chul has transformed into a vengeful boss for tvN’s new drama “Pegasus Market”!

“Pegasus Market” is based on a popular webtoon of the same name and tells the story of employees at a falling-behind store where the staff is king, rather than the customer. While the manager tries to revive the mart, they’re up against the “human bulldozer” boss that aims to ruin the store.

Kim Byung Chul plays the genius boss Jung Bok Dong, who tries to take revenge on Daema Group by destroying Pegasus Market. He was originally a board director at Daema Group and trusted by the CEO for his clear insight and fastidious personality, but he was suddenly demoted to being the boss of Pegasus Market. He tries to drive Pegasus Market to the ground by hiring people who have failed at life and are unlikely to be hired by anyone else.

The teaser starts off with serious music in the background as Jung Bok Dong vows, “I devoted my youth for Daema Group, but the president demoted me to be the boss of Pegasus Market. And I am planning to start my revenge.” The atmosphere suddenly changes into comedy as Jung Bok Dong laughs evilly.

Watch the teaser below!