It is impossible to not have a thing for fashion if you are a kpopper. Even if you were never interested in ‘f’ of fashion, now you would surely wish to get a degree in fashion after stepping into the enchanting world of Kpop. It is all because Kpop world is not only but pulsating songs and enthralling dance moves, it is also about big fashion game that can make anyone a fashion freak.

From the trendy music videos, airport look, award show appearances to their album shoots, K-pop Idols have set the fashion industry on fire. If you are on this page, then it means that this fire has already reached at your end. And now its flames are triggering you to know more about the Kpop fashion which is taking the world by storm.

So, whether you are a newbie or a veteran in the Kpop fashion world, here are some tips for embracing the style of your favorite K-artist to pull up your fashion game:

Say ‘Yes’ to Bright Colors:

Kpop artists are known for their love for bright, lively, and refreshing colors. Irrespective of gender and age, they love to drench in the color palette. And not to forget those bold prints and unique textures that give a signature touch to their appearance and a distinct tint to the fashion world.

Bandana is Back in Fashion:

Kpop fashion game has always been in love with scarves and bandana. Pick up old K-music video or dig out airport fashion of different Korean artists, you will surely witness a scarf or bandana dangling along the neck, wrapped around the wrist or tied to head or forehead. So, if previously such things were out of the question for you, then bring them back in the equation if Kpop style is your goal.

Glasses are Always Love:

Sunglasses are a staple accessory of Kpop artists and let’s admit: they really look cool with them. Idols don’t shy away from trying glasses of different shapes and shades. Significantly their airport fashion look seems to be incomplete without wearing sunglasses. Now, if you have dressed in vivid hues, grabbed a bandana, then don’t forget to wear sunglasses from Firmoo to complete your look.

Multiple Piercings are Trendy:

Single piercing has now become an old story. The new story is about having multiple ear piercings to wear some statement earrings to bring that ‘wow’ factor in the look. From studs and dangles to mismatched earrings, you can go with any one of them, and you will slay the scene – well, as far as Kpop look is concerned. So, if someone says that multiple piercings look too-much, then show him your favorite artist’s picture, and he will surely be next in the line of the piercing.

Layering is Not Wrong:

Kpop fashion style is all about extravaganza and going all out with fashion choices. So, it is no wonder that layering is ‘okay’ here. If you want to live in the Korean fashion scene, then simple cardigan and pant will not work for you. Layer it up with a jacket, coat or pull-over. Wear a showy belt or wrap a scarf around your waist in a stylish way. Told you, layering is not wrong at all. It is the next chic style statement, and it looks cool!

So, now you know that pulling style like your Kpop favorite artist is not tricky. With some fashion sense, bold heart and desire to look different, you can also become a fashionista in your circle

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