Watch: Park Bom, MAMAMOO, (G)I-DLE, AOA, Oh My Girl, And Lovelyz Bring Their A-Game For “Queendom” Premiere


Mnet’s “Queendom” premiered with exciting performances!

On August 29, participants kicked off the “comeback battle” show with opening performances while their thoughts about participating in the show were played as a narration.

“The five of us have to fill the stage while performing songs that we sang as seven members,” said AOA’s Yuna. “The members’ absence is felt, of course.” As AOA opened the show with a dance performance, Yuna continued, “I guess we can call it a new beginning. I want to hear people say that AOA is still continuing and that AOA is still alive.”

Jimin added, “I don’t think I have anything to be scared of. I don’t think I’ll feel dejected even if we win or lose since I’m doing it with my members.” Hyejeong said, “Since we’re doing this, I hope we come in first.”

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa stated, “Even if we’re not first, let’s not be last, and let’s enjoy it. I want us to enjoy it without being pushed for time,” and MAMAMOO introduced themselves with a performance of “Hello.”

“It’s fun,” commented (G)I-DLE’s Jeon Soyeon. “I like competing.” The girl group began with a rap performance by Jeon Soyeon followed by a dance number.

Oh My Girl showcased an ethereal dance performance. Binnie said, “We have a lot of potential” and Seunghee added, “I think we’ll be able to show you a great, improving girl group.”

Lovelyz performed a mystical dance number, with a member saying they don’t think the group has shown 100 percent of what they can do on stage. Kei added, “When people think of Lovelyz, they always think of us as lovely, innocent, and feminine since we did many things with those concepts. We want to show you girl crush concepts that can break that stereotype. Lovelyz can do it too.”

Yein said, “Of course, I’d be so happy if our ranking was high. But even if our ranking is low, I think it’ll really be a success if people react by saying, ‘Lovelyz always had this kind of charming quality?’”