How To Spot Fake Designer Handbags

Being able to distinguish between authentic and fake designer handbags is a growing concern among women these days. As rightly pointed out by Nick who is a blogger of TrumpLearning. As top brands and designers push the limits of style, and with celebrities endorsing them, high-end designer handbag quality and prices have steadily risen to the point of cult status. With so much attention on this red hot industry, the black market for replica handbags and cheap knock-off copies has sky-rocketed. Read this section on how you can identify fake purses and learn to protect yourself against fraud.

  • As correctly said by John, an expert from whom students take finance homework help and paper writing service  ,The first and most obvious giveaway is price. Due to the superior materials, craftsmanship and service included, top designer handbags simply can not be sold below a fixed price floor. Every brand and model has a minimum set price. Compare prices for your bag from a number of different online stores. Once you establish a price range, any bags below that range are almost certainly fake.

  • Due to advances in technology, replicas are extremely close in appearance to the original, authentic versions. These days, the best replicas are almost impossible to detect to the untrained eye. Even knowledgeable observers must troubleshoot and analyze a variety of different elements before being able to make a verdict on its authenticity. But the similarities end there. Replicas are of significantly poorer quality in every other respect. 

  • Michael who is a finance experts with an assignment help Perth company says ,When buying a designer handbag, you’re not only paying for the name. The materials used by high-end designer brands are of the very finest quality in the world. The texture and finishes of the leathers and fabrics simply can’t be matched by the imitation  leathers and artificial fabrics used by replicators. Quality hardware is another point of differentiation. Authentic handbags are made with solid and heavy metals such as nickel and brass, while fakes are made with cheaper and lighter materials that are too shiny and break.

  • Craftsmanship and assembly is a third area where you can identify replica designer handbags. Stitching quality is often a good indicator of authenticity. Watch for crooked, misaligned and double stitching, as well as uneven gaps between stitches. Perfectly cut and assembled leathers and fabrics are another hallmark of designer handbag manufacturers. Top designer brands employ the very best craftsmen that produce precision results.

A legal knock-off can be labeled as a “designer inspired” or “replica” bag (watch for these terms when purchasing from an unknown retailer). As long as the bag doesn’t claim to be the original and doesn’t try to use the designer’s exact symbols, logos or features, it is legal to sell these imitation products.

  • Illegal fake bags claim to be the original designer’s bag, down to the very last detail. These bags are exact copies of the originals, but, again, the quality and workmanship leaves much to be desired.

  • It’s illegal to make fake merchandise, but it’s not illegal to buy it.

  • Where you buy your bag is the fourth critical element in shopping for authentic designer handbags. Evaluate the seller:

    • If the description of the item doesn’t include an ‘authentic’ statement, it doesn’t necessarily mean the bag is a fake. Just like a bag labeled authentic doesn’t have to be the real thing. Contact the seller and ask specific and direct questions.

    • If you are purchasing from a global marketplace like Amazon or EBay, review the seller’s feedback and rating. Read the comments left by previous customers. This is an excellent resource.

    • Reputable online retail companies will also have ratings, reviews or recommendations features built into their websites. Check them out.

    • Retailers and sellers who avoid answering questions or are generally vague in their details have something to hide. A reputable seller will have transparent business practices and provide helpful, detailed information.

    • Retailers who stand behind their products will have an open and liberal return policy. What if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase? If they have nothing to hide, they will most certainly be willing to take back their merchandise. Do they offer a money back guarantee?

  • Sellers of replica and fake purses usually buy in bulk. Check how many of the same bag are they selling. If they have a lot of the same model, this is generally a dead giveaway that they’re selling knock-offs.

Kelly who provides essay writing service comments , There are many other signs that can help you identify replica designer handbags, but remember that many savvy imposters have learned to copy the originals very effectively:

  • Credo Tags: Check the inside tags. Are they stamped into leather or hand-stitched? Are their serial numbers accurate? Every brand has a unique code.

  • Logos: Take a close look at the bag’s logo. They may have spelled the name somewhat differently from the real brand, which makes it legal to sell, but it’s still a fake. Pay close attention to small details. Consider also the logo placement. Every brand or designer has specific logo placement and dimensions which are protected by trademark laws and prohibit replica manufacturers from reproducing exact copies of their image and products.

  • Lining: A real designer bag will be lined, often with fine leather, satin or silk. Check the stitching of the lining as well. Is it precise? Top designers pay careful attention to details through excellent workmanship. Their work simply cannot be replicated my imitators. See it for yourself: It is of most importance to research the bag before the purchase. Go to the designer’s website and study the bag’s features and compare it to the one you’re interested in buying. Go to the nearest store and carefully examine it. Try it on.

To identify replica designer handbags, you have to pay a lot of attention to details. Not only is every brand different, but every model is unique as well. To make things easier, we’ve put together a tutorial of specific designer trademarks to help you make an informed purchase. If you are purchasing these bags through online you can also leave a review so other people get benefit as like Long tail pro review do. 

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