Before K-pop invaded the world and became mainstream, there were times when this rich genre was really starting to blossom thanks to the groups that led the Hallyu wave. This resulted in a fair share of significant moments the industry witnessed a few years back.

While newer K-pop enthusiasts might be more into the fresh groups who are dominating the United States and increasingly expanding in other parts of the world, old fans still reminisce about the glorious times they’ve shared with their favorite idols back in the day.

Here are seven unforgettable K-pop moments from the past that might be unfamiliar to newer K-pop stans.

1. When H.O.T sold 1 million albums

That’s right, OG idols H.O.T was one of the first to achieve the title of having a million-seller album. They achieved this with their debut album titled “We Hate All Kinds of Violence.” Their single “Candy” became an instant hit and they won Best New Artist at the 1996 Golden Disk Awards. Talk about a stellar career launch!