JTBC is launching a new music variety show called “Melody Bookstore” (literal translation)!

Starring Super Junior’s Leeteuk, Sunwoo Jung-A, Suran, Block B’s Park Kyung, Song Yu Vin, and Dickpunks’ Kim Hyun Woo, the show will feature the creation of “book OSTs” under various themes every week. The cast will select a book and compose and produce the OST (original soundtrack) themselves.

Unlike previous book introduction programs, “The Melody Bookstore” is expected to have a more friendly and pleasant approach, given that it is a crossover of books and music. It also plans to feature a form of two-way communication, in which viewers who read the book can suggest ideas for writing or composing their own songs.

“Melody Bookstore” will premiere on October 9 at 6:30 p.m. KST. Check out the official Twitter page here!

What are your thoughts on the new variety show?

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