The sextet performed their debut song Bon Bon Chocolat as well as one of their latest B-side tracks, You Don’t Know Me, but their dance cover to other artists’ hits impressed us the same.

During the medley dance segment, Everglow also hoofed it to Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb and Ice Cream Cake, NCT U’s Boss, and TWICE’s Like OOH-AHH. The six ladies also danced to Sunmi’s Gashina and latest track Lalalay and to MONSTA X’s Shoot Out.

It’s a bit dismaying though as members Mia and Aisha were not able to participate in this schedule due to health reasons. Their company, Yueha Entertainment, disclosed that the two were focusing on their recovery.

Aisha and Mia will be absent on today’s ‘Idol Radio’ due to their health. We ask for understanding from fans as they’ll be focusing on recovering, so they can meet you with a better image,” the agency stated.

Everglow also previously covered the present hit sensation Love Shot by EXO, and as expected, the Twitterverse was all for it. EXO-Ls (EXO’s fan base name) didn’t let the day pass without commending the girl group for their fluid movements and snappily covering the hit track.

Considering that Everglow is still an infant in the industry, having debuted just in March this year, the sextet is already taking the realm by storm with their talent and concept. Bon Bon Chocolat was an instant hit and their charm is over the roof. Indeed, they are staying true to their goals.

We want to be known as the idols who dominate the stage. We want to hear that we’re a group that knows how to perform and shines on stage. Our goal no matter what is No. 1,” the rookie group said during their showcase for their second single album Hush.

It was inevitable for them to be ecstatic and nervous in unveiling this album, but they focused on putting their minds into the creation of it to show the audience that they have grown.

When asked to elucidate the concept of this comeback, Everglow explained, “We’re the protagonists, so everyone is quiet. It means that we’re confident going to walk our own path.

The six ladies also revealed the reason why they chose Adios as their title song.

When we first heard it, we knew it was the one. We picked it as the title track because we wanted many people to enjoy listening to it,” the group shared.

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