SONAMOO Drops MV for Mobile Game “Legendary”

The MV was released through the official YouTube channel of the said game, with the title “We Are Legendary.” The clip is in celebration of the South Korean launch of “Legendary” and SONAMOO was chosen to perform the song. SONAMOO has shared the music video for the game “Legendary: Game of Heroes.”

In the video, SONAMOO members flaunted their grown charisma and uplifting visuals. Also, the girls showed off their powerful and sharp dance moves, complemented by their impressive vocals and rap skills. At the end of the MV, the ladies have transformed into characters of the game.

Only four members can be seen in the music video as members Sumin and Nahyun are currently dealing with a lawsuit against their agency TS Entertainment for not providing them payments, while member High.D is competing in tvN’s girl group vocalist survival show “V-1.”

Though it is not an official comeback from the girl group, “We Are Legendary” is the first appearance of SONAMOO following the filing of lawsuit of the two members as well as the group’s first song in almost two years, since their 2017 track “I Knew It,” which is part of their Happy Box Project started in July that same year.

Because it is like a long-awaited comeback of the group, fans became so emotional upon seeing the music video with SONAMOO in it. Some commented, “Thank you, Legendary! We Solbanguls are getting Sonamoo content that their own agency hasn’t been giving us for so long”, “OMG! Sonamoo finally got content!” “This is not even a comeback, but I’m thankful for this. I missed them so much”, “I can’t believe it! Even if it is only OT4, I’m so happy to see them,” and many more.

SONAMOO has been in the K-Pop industry since 2014 when they debuted in December with their first extended play “Déjà Vu.” The album grabbed the No. 1 spot on Gaon’s weekly album chart. In 2015, they released their second EP “Cushion,” wherein members D.ana and NewSun participated in writing the rap parts for two tracks. In the following years, the group continued to launch more albums and singles to strengthen their identity.

Aside from the mobile game OST, “We Are Legendary,” SONAMOO has also performed two more soundtracks in the past, but for web dramas. They recorded the song “First Kiss” for the show “The Miracle” in 2016 and “Keep On” for “Sing For You” in 2017.

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