Watch: EXID’s Solji Puts On Emotional Performance + Talks About Her Magical 1st Win On “Immortal Songs”


EXID’s Solji performed a memorable cover of Lee Eun Mi on the latest episode of “Immortal Songs.”

On the September 28 episode of the KBS music variety show, Solji appeared as a contestant on the program’s Lee Eun Mi special.

The singer finally achieved her first win on “Immortal Songs” last month during the Kim Bum Soo special, which marked her fifth appearance on the show. Describing her triumphant moment, Solji said, “I was so happy. That day, I finally figured out why people kept talking about that feeling of seeing the light turn on [to signify a contestant’s victory]. For the first time, I learned why people get addicted to that light.”

She continued, “In the past, the light always turned off for me, so it was always dark. Even when your eyes are closed, you can feel the light getting brighter around you. I felt so happy.”

When asked if her previous win had made her want to win again, Solji replied, “Yes. It gave me confidence. Even though I worked hard, my results weren’t always good. I felt a lot of pressure every time I appeared on ‘Immortal Songs,’ and I didn’t feel confident. But after winning last time, I thought, ‘It can happen.’ I realized that there’s something there even if I win just one round.”

Solji then delighted the MCs and other guests with a throwback dance performance of EXID’s “Up & Down.”