‘Fan N Star’, the weekly ranking site of K-Pop stars, run by The Fact, released the electronic screen that features Congratulating the group IZ*ONE’s member Choi Ye Na’s birthday. 

On September 29, the website released the video of IZ*ONE’s Choi Ye-Na that is currently run on the CM board of Hapjeong Station in Seoul. On August 30th, Fan N Star initiated Choi Ye Na event and achieved 400% after the opening event. Choi Ye Na’s advertising screens were set up in 43 Seoul subway stations between August 24th until September 30th. 

In the screen show that was released, Choi Ye Na’s fans displayed numerous photos and their comments. One fan whose nickname is ‘Yena’ said, “Yena, Thank you for being born, and having made your debut. I will cheer you till the end.” 

Another nickname, “Yenayana’ also said, “Cute and lovely Choi Yena, happy birthday. I love you.” A fan called ‘Na Buk Hee’ said, “Choi Ye Na, the energy of IZ*ONE, Congratulations on Choi Ye Na for her birthday. She is gorgeous more than anyone on the stage!” 

IZ*ONE, Choi Ye Na’s group, released the third Japanese single album “Vampire,” on September 25th, sold more than 170,000 copies in a day and topped the Oricon Daily single chart ranking. Their debut singles “Suki to Iwasetai” and “Buenos Aires” claimed the top at Oricon’s daily singles chart on the day that they were first released. 

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