Kang Daniel’s official fan club ‘DANITY’ is a combination of ‘Daniel’ and the suffix ‘-ity’ which means ‘Every moment Kang Daniel is in a special situation. Last August, Kang Daniel announced the official fan club name through the Naver V LIVE channel.

Among them, is the announcement of the first fan club ‘Danity’ invitation announcement that was posted on the official website of Kang Daniel and SNS channel. Fans who have been waiting for the official fan club recruitment for a long time are enthusiastic about the good news.

Kang Daniel’s official fan club ‘Danity’ will be accepted from the shop page on the official website from 30th to 13th next month, and the fan club activity period is one year after recruitment. Official fan club members will receive membership cards and fan club kits, as well as pre-ordering exclusive concerts and official fan club events in Korea, priority to participate in public broadcasts, and access to dedicated space in the official fan cafe.

In addition, a special event will be given to subscribers of a special order, such as Kang Daniel’s birthday and debut date.

Kang Daniel is fortunate in the official fan club guide video, “I want to deliver the good news that I’ve been waiting for,” he said, “I’ve been waiting for a long time, so I’m looking forward to seeing that day with Danity. I will be waiting for you to make happy and happy memories with Kang Daniel. “

Kang Daniel’s first Korean fan meeting ‘KANG DANIEL FAN MEETING: COLOR ON ME IN SEOUL’ will be held at KINTEX on November 23 and 24.

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