Winter/Fall 2020 is approaching, and significant fashion houses are ready with their new collection. In this season, you can add some drama and fantasy in your wardrobe. Winter allows you to wear voluminous garments and copious ruffles. If you want to find the latest fashion trends, follow Instagram accounts of your favorite celebrity or fashion designer. 

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Seventies Style

Vests, turtlenecks, bell bottoms, long jackets, warm earthy colors, and corduroy are staples from the seventies. Designers are pulling these designs again with some modern fusion. Fall runway of Michael Kros featured belted dresses, neckerchiefs, earth-toned leather, and fluffy hairstyles. 

In this season, you can buy flared trousers, high-waisted pants, elongating blazers, and similar pieces for your wardrobe. Make sure to buy them in bright colors.


In this season, you can feel like a superhero in trendiest capes. Runways of Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, and Celine, presented some oversized outerwear. It is a stylish alternative of a denim jacket or a trench coat. Snag a cape if you can carry a bold look.

Velvet Cap GG

The Gucci cape can’t overwhelm your figure so that it can be an ideal piece for fall jeans and sweaters. The item is related to Cruise 2019 collection to give off a classic vibe. The interlocking G pattern and velvet touch can glamorize your personality.

Belted Trench Cape

A cap inspires this trench coat. If you want go-to outerwear, consider this cape. It is a trendy and sophisticated design for every girl. You can find it in different colors.

Asymmetrical Neckline

In 2019, off-the-shoulder designs were famous. Now you can get dresses about the asymmetric neckline. These were famous on Carolina Hererra’s runways. If you want a trendy style, buy a dress with an asymmetrical neckline. You will look beautiful without display everything. With this minor tweak, you can give an elegant touch to your personality.

Ruffled One-Shoulder Asymmetrical Sunday Dress

You can’t avoid this whimsical tulle Sunday dress in the winter. Pair this dress with an exclusive heel or combat boot. To complete your look, you will need a trendy tights. For additional effect, you can wear a leather jacket.

Off-the-Shoulder Silk Blouse

With this silk blouse, you can impress everyone at night parties. Feel free to dress up for parties with a skirt or jeans. If you want to give an extra touch to your look, choose gold or silver earrings. Everyone will talk about you at the party.

Moody Floral

A beautiful top with daisy print can complement your body with dark floral pants. Feel free to choose tops, skirts, and dresses with flowers. It will be the best choice for the fall season. You can find these dresses in Prada, Marc Jacoba, and Paco Rabanne’s fall collection.

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