BTS is well-known for its good quality of music and entertainment it gives to the fans, they also became known in the synchronized dance moves and dance quality. BTS also doing raps and more on vocals to the rest of their performances and songs. 

After the legendary collaboration with Charlie Puth, the international stage for the Korean Boy Group became much open because of the event, The performance also gave opportunities to the group to become a guest in some local and international shows and events one of the examples is the guesting of the group to the Ellen DeGeneres Show in America.

After the performance, the group also released a cover of a famous English song entitled “Hey Jude” by a well-known English group named “The Beetles” that introduces the new vibe and version of the song. After the days come, one of the singer of the song named Paul McCarthy, a English singer, songwriter, musician, composer, and record producer that is also known in his melodic approach to bass playing(mainly playing with a plectrum) that has also a versatile and wide tenor tune of voice and vocal range, reacted to the cover of the South Korean boy group to his group music “Hey Jude” at the first sight the musician became amused and then start giving good reactions to the group, Paul McCarthy seems very proud to the group as the song became much famous not even in nationwide but even reached the international music industries. The host and the audience especially the singer-composer Paul McCarthy seem very excited about the reaction of the SoKor Group in his reaction to their official famous song cover of the beetles single.

After that, the views and support into the song continuously increasing because of the rapid increase of the influence of the group in the whole worldwide music industries

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