The members of SM Entertainment’s family, TVXQ and Super Junior, made a memorable trip. ‘Analog Trip Returned in 2002’, the concept of ‘going back to the trainee days’, will give us a smile and a touch. 

A press conference of the YouTube original ”Analog Trip ” was held at COEX SM Town Artium in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on January 27th.

”Analog Trip ” is a special holiday program given to K-POP stars TVXQ and Super Junior, who have worked tirelessly since their teens. U-KNOW YUNHO, MAX CHANGMIN, Lee Teuk, Shin- Dong, Eun-Hyuk, and Dong-Hae return to 2002 when they were trainees like ordinary people. They start backpacking with just one travel guidebook, and they look back on their past for a dream and share their memories and friendships.

Most of all, this program includes the sticky friendships of six men who are struggling in the course of analog journeys, being humbled in the great outdoors and expressing their honest and unprecedented emotions.

U-KNOW YUNHO said of his trip to Indonesia, “I realized again that I had forgotten my past mind, so I could feel my heart again as a trainee.” MAX-CHANGMIN said, “It was a pure journey.” Lee Teuk said, “I went to 2002 through Timeslip.” And Shin-dong said, “I hope many fans will share our honest appearance.” Eun-hyuk said, “I was happy to share our memories with viewers,” and Dong-hae said, “I was happy with my first trip with friends.”

MAX-CHANGMIN said that ‘I was in charge of the general affairs throughout this trip.’ And he said, “I enjoyed managing my money because my brothers agreed with my opinion a lot.”

Shin-dong said, “The reason why this trip was good is the improvement of the relationship with U-KNOW YUNHO, which was awkward so far.

Eun-hyuk was also overly chatty. “I have a lot of memories as a trainee. I think Dong-Hae is on this trip because I think this meeting needs someone to control my brother U-KNOW YUNHO.”

Dong-Hae said, “As a trainee, we taught brother YUNHO one by one. We taught from meal manners to greetings. I am proud to see him growing well.” I felt like we were talking together in one house during the holidays and it was a good memory. “

Analog Trip consists of a total of 12 episodes. The first episode will be released worldwide on YouTube on October 9th.


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