The second episode of BTS’s outing was broadcasted on JTBC’s “Run BTS,” which aired on September 28. Jungkook, who won the prize this evening, started to cook ramen noodles while the members grilled the meat.

BTS Jungkook showed his pride in cooking ramen. First, he boils the noddles and happily sang the song. “I used to put soup first since I was young. There is no reason. “

V came up next to Jungkook, “I came to see Jungkook was so lonely.” Jungkook replied, “It’s not lonely at all.” V said, “I know everything.” V then knocked on Jung’s hip and revealed the chemistry of the two.

Jungkook said, “Tips for boiling ramen. When I cook ramen, I don’t close the lid of the pan. ” V said, “You just closed. “He said,” It’s a basic work, “and laughed.

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