ShowBT Entertainment’s SB19 is the first Filipino K-pop group to become known in the Philippines because of their unique talent and visuals that cannot be seen in other typical boy band in the country. The group consists of five pure Filipino members namely Ken, Josh, Justin, Sejun, and Stell and made their official debut with their song “Go Up”. 

The group’s formation started when the entertainment announced an audition. Josh and Stell didn’t hesitate to join the audition as their dream is to be an artist. Before they officially auditioned. they performed internationally as a dance cover group and even met BTS. The three other members also joined the audition which all of them became trainees and was evaluated weekly.

The group is not expecting a lot since they only want to achieve their dreams however after they released the dance practice of their song “Go Up”, it gained a lot of views and appreciation that lead to their popularity as seen today. With the KIT or Korean Intensive Training that most K-pop Groups follow, they have to practice the dance 1000x. That’s roughly 30 times a day before they released their dance practice.

SB19 is always compared to K-pop because of their moves but they still answered the firm with their nationality.

“Many people think we copy K-Pop, but this isn’t true. We are actually labeled as ‘P-Pop’. All we did, since we are under a Korean Entertainment company, is the training. But our target is still Pinoy Pop.” Said Josh when their group is dubbed as a K-Pop Group. 

Besides the song “Go Up”, there is a song entitled, “Tilaluha” which features Miss Korea Philippines and a Korean Artist, but was sung by the group which was inspired by books and movies they watched, mostly having a tragic ending.

On their YouTube channel are dance covers of songs Switch It Up, Anpanman, and Bboom Bboom, played some of the trendy Korean variety show games like the Whisper Challenge and Lie Detector Game.

They were featured on several Filipino shows such as ASAP Live, The Source on CNNPH, Umagang Kay Ganda, Unang Hirit, and TV5. The group also performed in a mini-event in Korea with different artists and even met Ailee.

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