Amber released the dance version video of her latest single “Hands Behind My Back.” The track will reportedly be a part of the singer’s self-written and self-produced forthcoming album “X” after leaving SM Entertainment.

On the first day of September, just four days before f(x)’s 10th anniversary, Amber announced her departure from SM Entertainment through a self-written letter to MeUs. Published on her official Instagram page, the idol said:

“I would like to announce my contract with SM Entertainment has ended today and I have decided to part ways with the company. From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to thank everyone who believed in me and have been so patient with me all these years. I can’t wait to show you what’s in store in this next chapter of my career. Again and always, THANK YOU, love, peace, and boba ;)”

While she did not exactly leave the group, fans have expressed their concern on various social media sites about the near to the ground chance of f(x) having a comeback, also now that Victoria has also followed suit and Luna’s contract has already expired.

On her Weibo page, Victoria revealed the news of her departure but she swore that she will remain the same. Her exit from the agency was announced on the day of f(x)’s 10th anniversary, making it bittersweet for MeUs to celebrate the milestone.

“Now, it’s the 10-year anniversary, it is an end and a beginning. I’m thankful for everything in these 10 years with SM; we will begin the next journey in a new manner. This is a new beginning, a restart my journey, but I will still be me, I will continue to be myself, not to forget the past and move forward. I will work hard to be a better version of myself; as long as my belief is strong, I will not be easily strayed from my path,” Victoria wrote.

“Grateful for all the trust and support are given, and I hope I have not disappointed anyone, I will continue to give my best. So, would you be willing to walk with me for the next 10 years?” She added.

Moreover, a representative from SM Entertainment revealed that there is still some time left in their contract with Krystal and that they are locating ways to collaborate with Victoria.

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