Ong Seong Wu will be making his big screen debut!

On September 30, it was reported that Ong Seong Wu will be appearing in the upcoming film “Life Is Beautiful,” which is directed by Choi Kook Hee.

“Life Is Beautiful” is a musical film about a woman named Oh Se Yeon (played by Yum Jung Ah) with a unique request for her birthday gift: finding her first love from her school days. Her husband Kang Jin Bong (played by Ryu Seung Ryong) inevitably joins her on this mission. It was reported that Ong Seong Wu’s role is not one with a lot of screen time, but it’s very important for the plot, and it’s said that he will most likely be a scene-stealer.

A source from Fantagio has confirmed that Ong Seong Wu will be taking the role. This will be Ong Seong Wu’s big screen debut, as his only previous film work was the Fantagio-produced short film “Seong Wu Is Alright” from 2017. He recently made his acting debut in the television drama “Moments of 18.”

“Life is Beautiful” is aiming to hit theaters next year.

Watch Ong Seong Wu in “Moments of 18” below!

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