Ong Sung Woo Expands from TV to Film

On the 30th, according to film officials, Ong Sung-woo recently confirmed the appearance in the movie ‘Life is Beautiful (Director Choi Kuk-hee).’

‘Life is Beautiful’ is a musical movie. It is about a Husband portrays by Kang Jin-bong (Ryu Seung-Yong) is asked for an extraordinary birthday gift from his wife Oh Se-Yeon (Yeom-Jeong-ah). Her birthday present is to find her first love in school. Inevitably, her husband, Kang Jin-bong, leaves with her wife.

Ong Sung Woo does not have much quantity, but plays an essential role in the development of the film and attracts attention.

Ong Sung Woo makes full-screen debut with ‘Life is Beautiful’. This time, together with veteran actors such as Ryu Seung-Yong and Yeomjeong-ah, and fans are gathering more expectations.

Ong Sung-woo received an acknowledgment as an actor through JTBC’s drama “Moment of Eighteen,” which was recently closed after Wanna One. On the stage, he removed the powerful and cheerful appearance of Ong Sung-woo and digested natural emotional acting. In the acting of Choi Jun-woo, a little boy who is growing little by little, Ong Sung-woo also grew and was well received by viewers.

After successfully debuting on TV, Ong Sung-woo takes step by step. He chose to be an actress rather than staring greed. He chose works and roles that could show presence even though they were not much. He continues his extraordinary walk.

Director Choi Kook-hee of the movie ‘Life is Beautiful’ catches the megaphone. Bae Se-young, author of ‘Perfect Other’ and ‘Extreme Profession’, wrote the script, The Lamp, which produced ‘Taxi Driver’, and Lotte Entertainment was in charge of distribution. It is going to be crank in October.

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