The girls were congratulated for their 5th debut anniversary. They said that it felt surreal. They looked forward while doing promotions. They worked hard to show LABOUM’s official fandom that they participated in the album. The members said that they love Lattes and wanted to be with them forever. Solbin said that their fifth anniversary felt real when they were filming a dance relay that included their recent songs and debut track.

LABOUM shared their unforgettable stories from their five years of promotions. Yujeong and Solbin selected the time when they were surprised by their families during a past fan meeting. The group was not able to be with their families during their rookie years so the agency made a touching camera prank. Soyeon and ZN picked their debut stage. Haein chose the moment when Lattes showed a photo exhibition filled with pictures of LABOUM. They were asked about a fond memory from living together and the group picked the fun moments eating late-night snacks in their dorm.

All the members talked about the new thing and concepts they want to try. Haein, ZN, and Solbin said they wanted to venture on acting, while Soyeon said she wanted to promote songs through OSTs and musicals. Yujeong wanted to try working as a voice actor or animation dubbing. Haein said that she wanted to try a concept that reveals her true age and natural looks.

They were asked who their favorite junior artists are. Haein chose DreamCatcher and Yujeong chose Oh My Girl. Soyeon, ZN, and Solbin said their favorite is ITZY because their performances are colorful and their stages are diverse.

LABOUM also experienced challenges and happy times during their promotions. All the members picked the hiatus before “Between Us” promotions as their slump and this also helped them grow. Yujeong said that trying out new things and getting certifications helped her overcome this moment.

They were asked about their ideal types. Haein said she likes someone who has dimples and has a cute smile. Soyeon wants a sweet man that suits her. Yujeong’s ideal type is a guy who is family-oriented and very thoughtful. ZN said she wants a responsible man when it comes to working. Solbin said she likes someone dependable as her dad. They were asked what they will be doing if they were not idols. Haein chose to be a dancer. Soyeon said she will be a practician in music, while Yujeong chose to be a barista. Solbin wanted to be an English teacher, and ZN guessed either a model or a flight attendant.

The girls of LABOUM said their role model is Fin.K.L because Fin.K.L members had a great life outside promotions. The members said that they will continue creating performances in LABOUM’s own way. They said LABOUM is their everything and their youth.

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