In no particular order, check out the five of the most iconic EXO memes that still make us wheeze of laughter.

1. Kai’s, Lay’s, and Sehun’s high-pitched laugh

Yes, we know. EXO’s main dancers are literally over the roof. They are enigmatic. They are sexy. And to say that they are captivating is an understatement. Heck, they can even wreck your bias list (even if they already are your biases). But non-fans probably have no idea that behind their sultry persona on stage, these three are actually the cutest when they laugh. Truly, the sound of their laughter will make you want to laugh with them or baby them at the same time.

2. “Chogiwa”

Will this meme ever die? We don’t think so. EXO-Ls know this term too well that it has become a habit to sing it whenever they hear it or even when it comes to mind. “Wolf” is such an out-of-this-world debut track, but the starting lyric “Chogiwa” became a part of EXO-Ls’ culture, with a younger Chanyeol wearing a bandana and a fedora. But then the nonet performed this prodigious song again – although the remixed version of it – as the opening track during the EXO Planet 3: Exo’rdium. 

3. Suho’s cinematic yet the most hilarious individual V live to date

It has been revealed many times that Suho, along with Xiumin (both of whom are members of EXO’s hyung line), loves to make dad jokes that even his members cringe when he tries to spark laughter. Nevertheless, whenever he does, he still laughs his heart out even when others wouldn’t. However, in January of 2016, Suho published a video of handwritten “pre-credits” while the Star Wars theme plays in the background. Titled the “EXO’funluXion: The Suho Awakens,” Suho claimed he’s the funniest member of EXO “as named by the fans.” And the fact that this was not a made-up story makes it more hilarious.

4. Lay naming his cat “cat”

One of the first things that we think of when we get our own pet is its name. But it seems that the ever-hardworking Lay has always been a busy bee even during his teens that he forgot to give his cat a name. 

During his interview with BuzzFeed Celeb in 2018, Lay was asked about his “First Times” including the instruments he first played and his first big purchase. Then, he was asked what his first pet was and he revealed that he had a cat when he was 17. Now, this is where the hilarity ensued. When he was asked about the cat’s name, Lay zoned out for a few seconds and just said, “Oh, sorry, I just called it ‘cat’.” The production staff can also be heard laughing at Lay’s account. 

5. Basically, during concerts

The EXO members are multitalented kings and stellar performers, especially when they flex their vocals in live performances, but they are also a bunch of meme boys who love to be playful during concerts. This is why EXO-Ls love to throw plushies, toys, and bags with candies on stage because the boys love to play with these as well as they deliver their ment or when they perform. Should you be curious, you may check multiple videos of these moments on YouTube and we promise you, they’ll put a smile on your face.

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