Rapper, songwriter, singer, producer, leader… Block B’s Zico has many titles, which is no surprise given that he’s a man of many talents. As an idol who still maintains high regard in the Korean hip hop scene, Zico has worked across multiple genres with a long list of artists outside of his own group. Whether producing music for shows, working with his R&B/hip-hop crew FANXY CHILD, or collaborating with other talented singers and rappers, Zico sounds great with a variety of different artists and turns any song he touches into an instant bop. Ready to hear some of our very favorite Zico collabs? Here we go! (or shall we say, “Z-i-co!”)

1. “Daredevil” with Jvcki Wai and YUMDDA

We might as well start off with Zico’s latest track “Daredevil,” which marks a new beginning for the rapper after starting his own label, KOZ Entertainment. Others may call him a daredevil, but the song’s whimsically carefree vibe belies Zico’s fearless attitude. And, true to KOZ’s mission of helping other artists shine, this inaugural track features two talented yet under-appreciated rappers.