DAY6 releases a full-length album filled with 11 tracks.

On the 9th, DAY6 unveiled the tracklist for their third full-length album, ‘The Book of Us: Entropy” on their official SNS channel. The new album shows a series following the last album ‘The Book of the earth: Gravity’ through the tracklist image which embodies a single page of the book.

The title song ‘Sweet Chaos’ is a love song about sweetness and confusion. This is the fastest BPM song made with the grooves of the swing genre and the explosive sound of punk rock.
Totally, it contains 11 songs, Deep in love, EMERGENCY, Rescue Me, 365247, By now(지금쯤), Ayaya(아야야), Bad word(막말), Not Mine, Like a flowing wind including the title song. 

This album is the official album after nearly 2 years after 2nd full album ‘Moonrise’ released in December. 2017. DAY6 participated in writing and composing of all songs from the debut album ‘The Day’ to the new album, showcasing their musical talent.

It is expected that the music fans will admire the sensitive songs of DAY6. It will be released on the 22nd.

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