DAY6 started their Gravity World Tour in Seoul this August moved on to tour the United States in September and Singapore is the only tour stop in October. “Gravity means that we are being pulled towards one another. It is the relationship between people at the beginning.” That was how bassist-vocalist Young K explained the meaning behind their album name ‘The Book of Us: Gravity’. True to his words, the band worked tirelessly to hype up the fans, known as My Days, powering through almost 30 songs in two and a half hours. 

Guitarist-vocalist Jae, the Korean-American who is in charge of speaking English in all the talking, got the fans to stand upright from the first song ‘Best Part’. He asked “Are you ready to go crazy tonight?”, encouraging My Days to ‘let out all your stress, just jump and go crazy, I promise you are not alone, we will look as silly as you.’ With Jae’s reassurance, all the fans stood, jumped and waved their light bands to the beat. 

In between the songs, they had the members’ solo showcase time, starting with Dowoon’s drums solo, which was welcomed with loud cheers. As the drummer, he is always seated at the back and My Days love to see him getting the spotlight. During keyboardist Wonpil’s solo, the members hyped him up with ‘DJ Wonpillllll’ as he began a synth remix of several DAY6 songs.

Jae acknowledged My Days’ requests, “We have more songs in DAY6’s younger years, because of your endless tweets, we changed our setlist to songs you wanna hear”, after the band added ‘Blood’ to their mashup remix and went on to perform ‘Colors’ from their 2015 ‘The Day’ album. It had been three years since the band last set foot in Singapore, the members probably did not expect the huge turnout that filled The Star Theatre. Jae spoke about their initial uncertainty and thought it might be awkward, “just like friends who have not met for three years”. Their worries are unfounded, as My Days in Singapore responded enthusiastically to every song and turned the group’s debut song ‘Congratulations’ into a mass sing-along.

When the surprise fan project for DAY6 was shown during the concert, all the members were touched and Jae could not find the right words to say, “Wow, I think we are feeling a lot of things right now” and quickly redirected it to Wonpil to share his thoughts. Wonpil said “I really felt goosebumps, I love you all too. We feel good because there’s a lot of delicious food in Singapore. I hope you had a great time today. Thank you for giving us precious memories and we will be here next time.”

Young K shared his earnest feelings, “You guys are my motivation, you inspire me. You are the reason why I sing, I write songs and why I can go on. You guys tell me that we are doing well, you are doing well too, we gonna wish all the happiness you can have. Eat a lot and stay healthy!” Dowoon spoke in English “You guys touched my heart” as he laughed shyly and continued “We hope we can come back to see you, wait for us. Happiness!”

Leader, guitarist Sungjin said “Singapore My Days’ voices are so beautiful, you touched my heart. Play hard, work hard, study hard, on stage I do my best, even though I still lack a lot, I will try even harder to be someone that you guys can be proud of”. Jae concluded DAY6’s gratefulness to their fans with, “Today couldn’t have been more beautiful, more perfect and energetic because of you. Thank you for sharing the energy.  I appreciate you so much. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” 

The members were clearly touched by Singapore My Days’ unwavering support as Young K and Sungjin were seen tearing up. During ‘You Were Beautiful’, Sungjin stopped singing mid-way as he tried to control his emotions. My Days continued singing for him beautifully, as though reassuring him that it is ok. During the encore stage, DAY6 performed the catchy ‘Dance Dance’ and ‘Freely’, bringing the energy level even higher and leaving My Days craving for more. As DAY6 mentioned they hope to come back, we hope Singapore My Days will not have to wait too long to see them again.

Gravity World Tour continues in mid-November with Melbourne and Sydney stops, as well as the rest of Asia stops. The European leg of the tour will start in January 2020.

Special thanks to Live Nation Singapore for inviting KpopStarz to cover ‘”DAY6 WORLD TOUR “GRAVITY” IN SINGAPORE.

Writer: Ashley Ngo | Photo Credits: Live Nation Singapore

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