Starship Entertainment, a MONSTA X company, started its comeback on the 7th by posting a tracklist image of MONSTA X’s new mini-album ‘FOLLOW: FIND YOU’ on the official SNS channel.

According to the track list released on the day, this album includes the title song ‘FOLLOW’, ‘FIND YOU’, ‘MONSTA TRUCK’, ‘U R’, ‘DISASTER’, ‘BURN IT UP’, ‘MIRROR’, ‘SEE YOU AGAIN’ A total of eight songs were included.

Hitmaker DANIEL KIM, WILLIE WEEKS, ANDREAS OBERG, and SKYLAR MONES participated in the composition of the title song ‘FOLLOW.’ In addition, Jooheon and I.M participated in rap making, adding to the completeness of the song.

In addition, this album is also attracting more attention to the new album as members participate in the album. The rapper lines Ju Heon and I.M participated in the rap making of all songs except for the first track ‘FIND YOU’.

Joo Heon’s own song ‘SEE YOU AGAIN’ and I.M’s own song ‘U R’ show off their unique producing ability.

In addition, Wonho, who was proud of his musical talent by releasing his own compositions for each of his recently released albums, raised his curiosity by recording his own song ‘MIRROR’, which was released with Chennu on the last world tour stage.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X completed the world tour ‘WE ARE HERE’ of 23 performances in 20 cities around the world, participated in various festivals including US TV programs, and single ‘WHO DO U LOVE?’, ‘LOVE U’, ‘Someone’s Someone’ has been released in turn, and has been active globally this year.

MONSTA X will release a new mini-album and the title song ‘FOLLOW’ on the 28th. 

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