Minty’s agency CoronaX Entertainment unveiled an official statement regarding her speculated age manipulation, as well as her involvement in the girl group Girl’s Alert.

CoronaX Entertainment then clarified this matter through a statement. 

“It’s true that Minty is the CEO of Alpaca Production as well as the producer of Girl’s Alert. She has promoted as a composer/producer since her youth and established the agency after receiving an investment offer. However, due to some health issues about 2 years back, she transferred management of Girl’s Alert to a different agency,” the agency said.

“Last year, Minty appeared as a contestant on ‘School Rapper’ as a student born in 2002. During the program, Minty desperately wished to come forward with her true age and identity; however, due to internal issues and heavy pressure, she had no choice but to keep quiet. At the time, Minty was an unknown artist, and each opportunity was very dire to her. Even today, Minty is mentally suffering from the weight of this incident, and is currently receiving mental treatment,” the statement went on in regard to Minty’s appearance.

CoronaX Entertainment continued to quash the rumors about Minty’s age.

“Minty’s true age is 28 years old in Korean age (26 years old internationally), not 37 years old as the rumors say. She began her career as a producer at 24 years old, which may have caused misunderstandings suspecting that she was in her thirties. Outside of her age, everything that Minty has shown as an artist is her real self,” the agency said.

Lastly, CoronaX apologized to Minty’s fans for sparking concerns. The entertainment company also announced that she planned to open up about the aforementioned issues through her YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, “School Rapper,” also called “High School Rapper” and the counterpart of “Show Me The Money” and “Unpretty Rapstar,” is a survival program for those who dream to make it big as rappers. It already hailed its winner, Lee Young Ji, for its 3rd season last April, making her the first-ever female rapper to acquire victory on the show.

“Thank you. I’m so happy to be able to share this moment with everyone. And thank you so much to The Quiett and Code Kunst for believing in me and being incredible mentors. No. 1 in my heart isn’t Jay Park, but Code Kunst and The Quiett,” she tearfully said.

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