Casting continues for JTBC bookish romance I Will Find You When the Weather Is Nice

I posted an Instagram Story watching Lee Jae Wook on Extraordinary You, especially when he got angry (and looked very handsome at the same time), and one of my friends asked me, “What the title of this drama? Why the actor so charming?”

Even for someone who had no idea about LJW on Search WWW or Extraordinary You, or his transformation from Marco (omg I still can’t believe that he was Marco on Alhambra!), still can find him so charming and refreshing even when he was angry.

I am officially LJW’s fan now because he was Marco, he was Seol Ji Hwan and he played my fave character Baek Kyung so very well. He must be so versatile for a really young actor and a rookie in industry.

Anyway, I am kinda fifty-fifty between sad and happy for JW casted in this role, because I had no plan to watch this drama “IWFYWTHWIN” and the plot sounds a little bit Melo and boring somehow. Now, my boy becomes the second lead, so, it’s clear that I cannot root for the main couple…

But as many articles said that LJW’s character will have a bright smile… It would be different from Baek Kyung’s character with full of anger. I’d love to check this one then. I hope he will get more recognition in the future and surely a bright path is waiting for him.


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